Something Amazing to Frame Your Favorite (insert something you frame here).

One of my favorite parts of downtown Cincinnati is Main Street Arts and Entertainment District.  Wednesday afternoon I took the opportunity to stop by one of my favorite shops on Main St, to look for a frame for one of my Portland images and to soak in the awesomeness that is… Frameshop. From the empty gray frame that hangs perpendicular to the shop’s front door, to the crazy taxidermy within, this place is every bit unique. From the windows, to the walls (in my best Lil Jon voice) this place will wow you with its creative energy and vintage ambiance.  Jake Gerth and Jake Baker, the owners and founders of Frameshop-Main St (Cincinnati) and Frameshop Lexington, have been friends since first grade. Awww. And their very different personalities bring an interesting dynamic to your shopping experience.  Together, they make Frameshop the best place to buy custom framing for the art, photos, trinkets, taxidermy, and heck anything else you can think of that you’d like to frame.

What makes Frameshop frames so special you ask? Their frames are hand made from a wide variety of reclaimed materials from barn wood to urban building materials. They also offer re-purposed vintage frames as well as modern framing with a nice selection of molding.   Unique to Frameshop is the collection of (based on availability) oddities such as taxidermy pieces, neon signs, vintage decorations, etc.  These guys are doing their part to make world a better place, by re-purposing and recycling beautiful items that otherwise may never be used again, and using resources that are already available (when possible) instead of consistently reaping the planet for new materials. Way to go guys!

Even if you aren’t looking for a frame, Frameshop is an excellent place to check out the art and photography of some of Cincinnati’s local artists, as well as interesting pieces that the Jakes (can I pluralize people?) are working on.

One of their store slogans is, “Frame the things you love.”  So, go on, do it! You can visit Jake and Jake at Framshop, 1317 Main St. Cincinnati. For more information, check out their very cool website, or give them a like on facebook,